Fruit in Syrup

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Fruit in Syrup
Spoon Sweets

Spoon sweets (glykó tou koutalioú 'sweet of the spoon') are sweet preserves, served as a gesture of hospitality. They are popular in Greece and Cyprus, usually served by the teaspoon in a small porcelain or crystal glass dish with Greek coffee and a glass of cold water.

They are used as ice cream or yogurt topping, or in the Western way as a spread on toast for breakfast. Nowadays, they have also become a popular treat after lunch in Greek tavernas.

Available fruit in syrup:

Cherry ● Wild Cherry ● Amarena Cherry
Sour Cherry ● Orange slices
Bergamot ● Fig ● Grape ● Quince
Walnut ● Kumquat ● Tangerine
Bitter Orange(rolls) ● Green Bitter Orange ● Pear
Apricot ● Baby Eggplant ● Strawberry

Amarena & Wild Cherry

Sour Cherry

Orange Slices