Our values

Quality & Safety

From the very start of process, the finestand most premium ingredients are collected and carefully processed with upscale techniques to give excellent confections with soft taste.


The goal of continuous quality improvement in every aspect of confectionary business, is embeded and thoughtfully balanced in MARKIDIS corporate strategy towards a long-term vision of continuity.


MARKIDIS is sustaining its responsibily towards its customers by managing fair and equitable transactions, securing right price and quality and stable supply capabilities.


MARKIDIS has managed to build up relationships of trust with its customers due to constant effort of strengthening partnerships that always benefit both parties.

Our Products

Cherries in Syrup

Confectionery Raw Material

Our Fruit in Syrup recipes are based on the Greek tradition and capture all the flavour and aroma of each fruit.

They can be served as a treat, as a topping over ice cream or yoghurt or for any pastry creation of one's desire!

Chocolate covered figs

Retail Products

Our Chocolate-Covered Fruit are fruit glacés of our own production, covered in bitter chocolate.

They are available for sale as individual pieces or in boxes that consist the perfect present for your loved ones!

Syrups for toppings

Confectionery Raw Material

Ice Cream Syrups

Retail & Raw Material

Our Syrups are ideal for garnishing and filling of ice cream, pastry creams, confectionery creations, panna cotta, crème caramele, profiteroles and yogurt or even for sweet pies and hot beverages.

Candied Kumquat

Confectionery Raw Material

Our Fruit in Syrup are candied fruit without syrup that are ideal for bakery or confectionery applications in the oven or in the freezer, for fillings or for use in ice cream or decoration.

Chocolate Treats

Retail Product

Our Chocolate Cakes & Treats include small chocolate-covered cakes and truffles with varous fillings, looney tunes chocolate cakes for the small ones, classic treats like Gateau boule and Carioca and more.